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Lighting Control Systems Make Selecting Just the Right Ambience Easy


What We Do


Easy Control of All Your Home's Technology at Your Fingertips

A seamless smart home control solutions brings all the features of your home together in one simple device, such as a touch screen or phone. This enables your lighting, audio visual, climate and security to be controlled from anywhere with just the touch of a button.

All of our home automation projects have two things in common; unrivaled functionality and effortless simplicity. We pride ourselves in creating fully automated, technologically advanced, beautiful homes that are refreshingly easy to control. Every project we do is different, which is why we spend time getting to know you and your family so that we can design a system that works perfectly for the way you use your home.

KC SmartHomes appreciates how precious time at home is. We also recognize the need to transition your home space swiftly from work to play, family time to relaxation. We’re surrounded by technology all the time and we believe it should function effortlessly in the background, seamlessly integrated together to enhance everything you and your family do. This in turn will save you time, energy and money.


Control your whole property with intelligent technology. Connect your security, lighting, blinds, heating, aircon, music and TV—and control them from intuitive touch panels


Home Theather / Media Rooms

From multi-purpose media rooms to dedicated Dolby® home cinema room with audio, video, acoustics


Lighting Control Systems

Control the lighting throughout your property, with custom faceplates, lighting scenes and touch-panel controls


Wired and Wireless Networks

Benefit from a secure, fast and reliable voice and managed Wi-Fi data network that covers your whole property


CCTV & Security

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and security of your home, especially when you're away. Explore our range of available security options including cameras, motion and perimeter detection


Intelligent Climate Control

Let the house get to work before you even wake, ensuring that the rooms are the perfect temperature ready for the day ahead. No need to adjust the schedule; let the system do the work for you, and save money by only heating the rooms you need.

Commitment to Service

KC SmartHomes has a commitment to Service. Our team is made up of highly-experienced experts and engineers in all aspects of home automation and entertainment: cinema, multi-room audio-visual, lighting and heating control, and robust security.


Our engineers deliver the most reliable systems available, which are designed to suit your chosen look and feel for your property.

Support, Repair and Upgrade of existing installations

If for any reason you can’t use your existing installer…perhaps they have gone out of business or you’re not happy with the service or support they have given you; Our engineers may be able to help

Top Security

We design and install our own security systems from start to finish, including the subsequent management of your system. We think it’s the only way to guarantee that your security system meets our exacting standards

Our Approach

Personalize Your Experience

We give you advice and information—in plain English, not technical jargon—to help you decide what you need. And we can work closely with architects, consultants and interior designers to deliver what’s right for your project. We invest time and effort to make sure we offer the very latest technologies. And while we only work with the highest quality suppliers, we’re totally independent. We’re not tied on any one technology provider.  So we can give you objective advice based on our first-class technical expertise. Every installation is as important to us as it is to our clients. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and meticulous attention to detail. That’s why with KCSmartHomes, you can be confident you’re working with experts in home automation and entertainment.

Our Process

From start to finish, we work with you in mind. We have a tried-and-tested process to see your project through to a successful completion:

1. Understanding Your Needs

We’ll visit you at your property to discuss what’s needed for each room, and for each individual living there. We’ll also ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help us get to the heart of your requirements and find the best solution for you.

2. First proposal

We’ll take time to discuss the different options with you, and establish which systems offer the best fit for your requirements. We’ll then put together an initial proposal with outline costs.

3. Design and specification

Having agreed the solution and budget, we’ll work with you to create a final proposal with detailed costs. Our design team will then produce a functional specification for your approval.

4. Installation

We’ll carry out as much of the work as possible offsite to minimize disruption—for example, building your technology rack, and programming and testing your units.

5. Support

We’ll work with you to determine your preferred level of support cover. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your technology—with the reassurance that our excellent after-sales care is on hand



Achieving Dream Spaces with Home Automation, Entertainment and Home Cinema Installations

KCSMART copy.jpg

KC SmartHomes transform homes, workplaces and with smart home automation; multi-room audio-visual entertainment; touch-of-a-button lighting control and heating control; a stunning home cinema installation; and the reassurance of a comprehensive security system. And we integrate these into a single, intelligent and user-friendly control system, to give complete control over a home or workplace's technology.


Our expert installations are industry-leading in their quality and reliability, while being intuitive and simple to use. And as we’re independent, we’re not tied on any technology providers.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to find the perfect solution for your luxury property, shaping our best-in-class technology around your needs.

Please contact us to chat about your project or to arrange a demonstration, and see what we can do for you.


What People are Saying

"Jeff and his team spent many hours with us designing the system for our house. The installation was extremely professional with superb attention to detail. Our house is energy efficient and easy to use!"

Brian Marks

"I looked at three previous companies unfortunately they were asking for to much money. I explained my requirements to Jeff and told him my budget. He then explained what I could get done within my budget and if I wanted other parts automated then we could add it on the system. This was perfect for me as I did not want to spend too much. The job is now fully complete and I am really happy with the outcome."

"I really appreciate the effort you and your team have put in to install our new system and upgrades, and the lovely attitude you all have... I also appreciate the extra work you have undertaken."

Sarah Clark

James Parker


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